Monday, November 16, 2009

Update # 2 for Mini Conference

Hi All

After all the flurry last night with Kirshan's event, I thought it timely to update my plans for my event on this Friday 20th, 11am.

As this is, in part, an asynchronous event on my NING site, you need to pre-register on that ( there are some great comments coming through already), so do keep an eye on the postings.

These will contribute to the discussion that Kevin and I will have on Friday. It would also be useful if you created a Twitter account and followed as part of the experience.

Details of the event platform will be posted on NING, as I now plan to use SKYPE so I need to form a group prior to the event. You will be able to text chat to us, maybe even a live chat!!!Believe it or not, but we have had a lot of trouble here at UCOL with use of Elluminate and I really don't want to promise at this stage that we will use Elluminate.

Please let me know if you have any queries, email me via the Google group or direct here



Hilary said...

I know I'm duplicating with my responses but better too many than too few! Look forward to the mini conference. Hilary

Stoneleigh31 said...

No worries Hilary- the messages seem to be getting there, that's the main thing, although not much is happening actaully on twitter!!!


Krishan said...

Hi Debra,

Good luck for your mini-conference.

I have just signed up in NING, and trying to explore it a bit. Very good video on how to join Twitter, i guess i will be looking into that shortly.


Stoneleigh31 said...

Thanks Krishan- have a look around and make some comments if you have time. The NING is all part of my event anyway, if you can't make it tommorrow. I thought that Video was great as well.


Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Debra

Just popped by to give you my feedback on your event last Friday.

Thanks for a great session. It was very interesting and you and the presenter managed to pack in heaps of information and discussion about Twitter in a very short time. It was good to see Skype work so well for a conference call but I am not sure it was the best choice of tool because it restricted the number of people who could attend which was a shame considering the interest in the topic.

My other main comment was that I got confused where we were meeting. Myself and several others went to the Elluminate room because that was what you had on the course wiki. Consequently, there was some scrambling around trying to work out where you were.

Thank you once again - your session made a great contribution to the ongoing discussion about networking.