Sunday, November 1, 2009

Plan for Mini Conference

More 'details' soon....please check the poll for your preferred time slots

Title: Twitter-All you need to know (Can we use it for Education?). Presented by Kevin Brennan, eLearning Advisor, UCOL, Palmerston North, NZ
Aim: To explore the use of Twitter in Education via asynchronous discussion prompts/ Q&A before a facilitated presentation session, day and time to be advised.
Tools: Elluminate Meeting room 'here'
Back up: If Elluminate is not available at UCOL in time, I will arrange Dim Dim (details will be posted on the NING conference site

Key Link: Keep up-to-date 'here'
NING will be used as a place to share comments, post questions and discuss a week before before the planned event.
Date of Event- when the poll has ended, I will post the days (16th, 19th or 20th November)



Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Debra, I cannot read your posting because it is black font - can you change it back to white...cheers.

Can you also post your annoucement on the course wiki in the main page "Course mini conference":

thanks a lot, Sarah

willie campbell said...

Debra. plans sound good. I'm spooked by Herve's dire warnings about social networking sites, so am resisiting any new ones at all. So I haven't joined the Groups one and I won't be in to your Ning.
Best wishes with the completion of all of this.

Stoneleigh31 said...

HI Willie
thanks for the encouragement. Herve has sparked some good points hasn't he. I think though Sarah had some good points as well, and I will have to spend some more time thinking.... I have never had much of an online presence as I have during the span of this FOC_09 paper, and I feel reasonably safe.... but one of the messages that I will take away is to keep changing the passwords, and don;t use the same one for everything!!!!!