Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blogging the Dummies

Customer Service Dummies
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So contary to popular belief, it is hard to "link" all these things, so my clever colleauge managed to just save the little images instead and manually "up/download" then to flickr or bogs.

For her efforts, she will get an e-card.....if it doesn't get lost in cyberspace.
Over and out for today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 4 Play things

My creation
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Cyberspace has collapsed for me. Been a bit slow. Cyberspace time has been filled with work sadly. At home, I only have dial up, so only been able to look at the flickr.But have spent the last hour today trying out these image generators. Sadly the only one I liked (the "Dummies" range), I couldn;'t get to link to my blog. Internal errors ..whatever they may be. No luck with the other things yet.
So I made a magazine cover from the place, with an image I already had in flickr.
Not sure of the purpose of all this yet. My most successful work to date has been with Flickr. And now that I remembered how to link a flickr photo to the blog (after first allowing the BigHugeLab link to my Flickr space), I have a magazine cover on my Blog. Go figure. I will delete the 3 draft blogs it took to write this one. After a couple of weeks of not doing the 23 thngs have got out of practice.

Over and out.