Sunday, December 6, 2009

Summary of my Mini-event

Running a bit behind schedule with finishing up this course. Apologies for the delay in posting a summary of my mini-event. My intentions were good, but I got a bit carried away with listening to as many of the other events as I could.....and didn't get organised Please check my NING Site for an annotation of the Skype discussion, plus a transcript and MP3 recordings of the session. To make the most of the summary- you'll probably need to look at the links on the NING again.

Skype Transcript link here:
Recordings: Part One here
Part Two here

My Reflection of the event to follow shortly.

1 comment:

Sarah Stewart said...

Really enjoyed your use of Ning. Personally, I cannot bear Ning - I find it really difficult to follow things, but your use of it was enjoyable...I'll admit begrudgingly :)