Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brief Wiki Notes

I have just listened to the WIKI meeting recording from 2 Oct and was sorry that I missed it. I was struggling to think how a community could develop in a WIKI but then once I started thinking about the use of Wiki Educator and open-source eduction resources, then it became a lot clearer (along with Wayne McIntosh's comments). I had never appreciated the use of the discussion tab- ahhh-thats where the community 'lives'.....Also- the question of whether a Wiki can be used as a respository was discussed. For me, that concept is brought about by the removal of just using static resources in education and now, introducing the use of living documents, in a WIKI (esp. Wikieducator). I took a few minutes to look at wikipedia and searched for
'online community' and then looked at the discussion tab as Wayne/Sarah suggested. I was amazed at the work behind the article resource page that I was looking at- the 'discussions' spanning over 3 years!!! Surely that was a community effort? same goes for the global warming example Sarah gave us- amazing....

Has anyone looked at the free training workshops yet ? (probably like me, running behind schedule without adding more to the pile..maybe after the course!)
thanks Debra


Debra's Blog said...

I am running behind now Debra.

Enjoyed reading your posts.


Sarah Stewart said...

I have to be honest - I'm only starting to see the community behind these big wikimedia projects. But on a smaller scale, I've seen wiki used for organising community events and sharing resources - just need to know where to look, eh?!

willie campbell said...
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willie campbell said...

I am simply putting a new version of the deleted post here- I found the first section was missing.
I have done on of the wiki training workshops- it is very worthwhile. It is intensive for a short period of time and most interestingly supported. Thjose who teach online could evaluate the method with interest as I did. found myself at a disadvantage, not being a subject teacher I wasn't able to complete the final assessment.
It did make me as non techie, appreciate the myriad of codes hidden within our more usual editing tool bars.
Go for it.