Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Facilitating Online 2010

I am going to try and catch the wave again this year after successfully completing the course as a formal student in 2009. As yet I am totally disconnected and will need a day or 2 to join all the links together, so I hope to connect with the online meeting tomorrow morning.


Chris Woodhouse said...

Hi Debra,
Nice to see you again. Will you make the meeting 8am NZ Fri 23rd?

Margot/NZ said...

Debra - great to see you have completed this course; that means it is possible! I expect we'll all look to you for inspiration as the course proceeds.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Debra, great to have you back. If you've got the time, I know 2010 participants will appreciate your mentoring.

Stoneleigh31 said...

Hi Guys
thanks for the comments. I missed most of last week. However it all reminds me of how I felt during the first few weeks last year. What worked for me was using Google Reader to either susbcribe to or follow people's blogs. Someone had done up a PageFlakes page as well, (Chris?) very useful - which I think would work much like Net Vibes or iGoogle page. The main thing is sorting through the blogs that you wish to follow.

Good luck.

Tara said...

Hi Debra
Fantastic to know that you finished the course and back for more. Looking forward to getting to you know