Tuesday, September 29, 2009

twitter et al

Hi Herve
I am not sure if Sarah will reply to you here, but thought I would add a comment. I have been particpating in the eFEST / Teaching and Learning Conference here at UCOL this week (still am) and all I seem to be hearing is TWITTER/.......people (educators) seem to be embracing it, but I suspect that is because it was used as a social tool for getting people to connect prior to, and during the conference. I have been involved in discussions where educators have new ideas about how to use it with their students, but mainly as a replacement for texting.....and I think it is because its new to them and some of the presenters are strong advocates. But I have heard twitter mentioned in the context of things like ""I can use twitter to have a conversation with my students "" - that is a bit scary to me, because it seems so one -sided. Yes, its quick and you can get the message out there really easily- you don;t have to worry about whether the student is connected to the LMS before they get your message (if they are online, they get the tweet..).. etc etc. But can you have a conversation??? Will be interested to hear others comments....



Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Debra, thanks so much for continuing the conversation - I saw Herve's question about Twitter and education and was just getting my thoughts together - you've given me a great start - thanks.

I've really been enjoying the eFest tweets because it has been giving me info & getting me thinking even though I'm not there.

Sarah Stewart said...

Just had a suggestion from @profgesser (http://twitter.com/profgesser) to have a look at what @Mashable (http://twitter.com/Mashable) says about Twitter and education

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Herve and Debra

Have written a couple of blog posts that may help you think more about Twitter:

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