Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hi All

Apologies for the delay. I have been having trouble getting this account (and google mail) working at home. This blog is one I set up Sept 2007 for some PD here at UCOL ( all things related to Web 2.0 technologies), so please ignore any 'posts' prior to this course.....
I work at UCOL along with Heather and Kay, in the School of Business and Computing. I have been at UCOL for ten years now, about 5 years involved on Online Programmes, both as tutor and some development. I am in the middle of a transfer of 3 courses over to Moodle- and on a fast learning curve for Moodle, the behind the scenes things are quite interesting!!! This is my third paper of this course, and it's especially timely for me, with this transfer of courses, I am hoping get a chance to reflect on "best practice' a bit more, because in reality it seems that sometimes the "best practice" gets in the way of " we must have the course up and running by such and such a date". I wonder what the students think of changing learning platforms? I am thinking that my project might be based around this new course platform and the acceptance of the students, especially the things that we can do differently in Moodle.
What do I know about evaluation already ? I'll work on that- however I do know that just because we ask the students to complete an online evaluation at the end of each paper- doesn;t mean they do it. And when it comes to the end of the course evaluations- we have to follow them up. Another point- getting the mix of questions "just right" so that we get meaningful information (which allows for change if appropriate).

Looking forward to getting more 'active' on the course- feels like a slow start so far :-(



Bronwyn hegarty said...

good to see you talking through your evaluation ideas already heather. An evaluation of your Moodle developments will be a great project. Yes I agree with your statement: "getting the mix of questions "just right" so that we get meaningful information (which allows for change if appropriate)." This is important and making sure we are evaluating the relevant aspects.

Don't worry about the slow start. the first week was for intros and warm up anyway and easing into the course.

Bronwyn hegarty said...

sorry Debra I called you heather in the last post and just realised my mistake. apologies.

Hervé said...

This is out of the scope of the course (I think), but what did you do to that poor dog?

Stoneleigh31 said...

Hi Herve (sorry- don't know how to write your name properly)- the dog picture is not one of my dogs (just a picture that I found- and no-haven;t used a reference for it :-)). The dog looks so much like one of mine hence why I used it. I'll try and change it sometime!!!!

Stoneleigh31 said...

Thanks Bronwyn- I won't tell Heather you mixed us up. I have all the google and blog stuff working at home now- so expect a posting for week 2 by the end of the weekend.