Monday, September 10, 2007


Ok, am running slightly behind schedule. After two attempts, I created the netvibes page- but the hard thing was actually working out everything without actually doing the tutorial. hence the delay. The RSS feeds is a really different concept for me who is not very good at this 3-D one stage I had I.E open 6 times, with a couple of tabs on each open, going between the netvibes, the FAQ's , websites I wanted to add feeds to and the actual work I was doing at the time. My office mates must be sick of this WEB 2.0 stuff 'cause there are two of us doing the 23 Things. Ask us what happened when one of us tried to get back onto her blog and ..."opps-some questionable material exposed itself onto the screen!!!!"How does that happen???The reason for writing all this is that I am so happy I worked out how to get to the Blog again, which anything rude happening,,,. So far all I have done is put on a feed to STUFF news site (and then got depressed when I saw that Anita Broderick had died, I was a big fan off The Body Shop in the late 80's-90's (then I discovered that they used parabens in their creams, a big no-no)). I have a RSS thing to my web mail, the WORLD Cup and another 23 Things Blog, and the weather (which I suspect is not really Palmerston North, but Taiwan). I have not progressed to getting a FEED READER or whatever to get more feeds, cause I can't imagine what else I need to know about yet. So will save that for the next lunch time play. Actaully, might just move to the FLICKER , that looks fun....techorati and feedster will have to wait. Over and out.

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